Character Creation Rules

For Secrets of the Temblar, we will be using the standard character creation rules of 4th Edition D&D, with exceptions/notes below:

Story Before Mechanics: Please make a character based on story first. Choose something you really want to roleplay for many levels. If you absolutely must have some mechanic but it is just a silly concept that doesn’t fit (Sohei, etc.), let me know. I would rather refluff themes or races than have people make nonsensical story choices just for mechanical benefits.

Attributes: Standard point buy.

Backgrounds: These should be for roleplaying only. Mechanical benefits from Scales of War backgrounds are not permitted.

Themes: Any are permitted, but, again, please consider the story that your theme represents. If you choose Fey Beast Tamer, this is not just a throwaway benefit, but a serious part of your backstory. An example of refluffing would be: “I want to play a necromancer and walk around with a pet skeleton.”, where I might allow Fey Beast Tamer to be refluffed to allow for necromantic pets instead. I am also not above buffing weaker themes if the theme itself fits your story, and it is only the poor mechanics keeping you from choosing them.

The Gadgeteer: The Gadgeteer is a homebrew theme specifically made for this setting. I am also allowing Artificers (but not hybrid artificers) to gain the benefits of this theme at the same levels, but, in order to do so, they must give up Ritual Casting (essentially choosing Gadgetry over Ritual Casting).

Feats: No free feats. Expertise feats are actually good now, so no need for bonus feats.

Classes: All classes from official WotC sources are permitted.

Races: You should read the Races of Ealthiros page to really understand what choice you are making with each of the races here and how that choice will impact your character. 4th Edition is very wacky with many weird races. I’m not banning anything, but keep in mind that choosing any sort of bizarre race (i.e. not human, eladrin, elf, half-elf, half-orc, dwarf, halfling, or gnome) might have substantial social consequences.

Divine Characters: You should read the Religions of Ealthiros section, as I have completely different gods/goddesses than those in 4th Edition settings.

Characters Wiki and Written Background: I am a firm believer that D&D should not be homework, but it’s my hope some of you will actually want to mess around with adding your characters to the wiki. It would also be nice if you could write up some backstory about your characters. My Personality Questionnaire might help here. Again, no one has to do any of this, but it makes it easier to roleplay if you look at that questionnaire and think about what motivates your character and how he or she will react to different situations.

Character Creation Rules

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