Countries of Ealthiros

Below is a list of the major countries of Ealthiros, with a brief description of each. Follow the link for a more detailed look at each nation.

Nations of Western Ealthiros

  • Falantir: Traditional monarchy, mostly human population, where our heroes begin.
  • Stugeinos: Largest country in Ealthiros, empire of subjugated nations, theocracy ruled by an Emperor who is also their religious leader, monotheistic.
  • Troilos: Forested kingdom, mixed human/elf/eladrin population, numerous fey crossings.
  • Aquinos: Traditional monarchy, river kingdom, human/gnome population, ally of Falantir.
  • Dekeiros: Tribal, plains culture, mixed human/halfling population, ally of Falantir.
  • Giriphon: Island nation of psionically infused humans, githzerai, gnomes, and kalashtar, possesses a strong hatred of all things related to The Temblar.
  • Orzz: Asian country with an Aztec-like feel, mostly human population.
  • Dakkisi: Asian country with a medieval China feel, mostly human population, some dragonborns.
  • Garundel: Asian naval power with a mixed human/dragonborn population.
  • Yi Tuan: Jungle nation inhabited by the yuan-ti.

Elves and Dwarves

Other Regions

  • The Shroud: Dark wasteland filled with shadows, the result of some sort of apocalypse involving Temblar artifacts, rumored to be inhabited by demons.
  • El-Anare: Region of canyons and mesas and ruined cities inhabited by shardminds.
  • The Wild Lands: The lands not colonized by humans. Monstrous races, giants, and other creatures dwell here.
  • The Al-Havra: Barren desert region that inhibits travel between the western and eastern halves of the continent.

Countries of Ealthiros

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