Ealthiros is the northern continent in the Secrets of the Temblar campaign. The name Ealthiros is used both for the continent and as a synonym for the entire world. Ealthiros is a traditional fantasy setting, albeit with the “inclusive” philosophy towards exotic races begun by Eberron and continued in 4th edition. Many of the major cities of Ealthiros are built on the ruins of the Temblar Cities. The Temblar are an ancient technologically advanced race that have long since disappeared from Ealthiros.

The campaign begins in the western portion of Ealthiros in the nation of Falantir. Travel between the western and eastern halves of Ealthiros is made extremely difficult by the great peaks of the Aglaia Mountains and the barren wasteland of The Al-Havra. Travel by sea between the west and the east is also difficult; rumors have it the seas south of the Al-Havra are haunted by the ghosts of those long slain. Few sailors are brave enough to attempt the voyage to the eastern lands.

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