Capital: Keidos
Alignment: Lawful Good
Government: Monarchy
Population: 90% human, 10% other
Religion: Polytheistic, see Pantheon of Falantir, Dekeiros, and Aquinos
Language: Common
Temblar Cities: Spiridos, Keidos, Agripeine
Other Major Cities: Southwatch

Falantir is a lawful prosperous monarchy bounded on the south by The Chain, on the east by the Ironwind River, the west by the Iriluin River, and the north by the Redmist Peaks. Falantir is the only kingdom in all of Ealthiros with three Temblar Cities (Spiridos, Keidos, and Agripeine). Falantir has numerous forested areas and fertile farmland; due to the influence of the White Tower in each of its cities, the soil in Falantir is some of the richest of all the nations.

The Emperor of Stugeinos, a monotheistic theocracy, would like nothing more than to conquer its wealthy neighbor to the north. Its efforts to do so are hindered, however, by The Chain, a towering wall of metallic white towers connected by streaming blue lightning. Although the lightning is intermittent, it still provides enough of a deterrent to discourage Stugeinos from invading, at least for now.

The current king of Falantir is King Hardwick, a young monarch at age 30. Although he has only ruled for two years, he is well loved by his people and is considered a shrewd but benevolent king. Each of the other three major cities (Agripeine, Spiridos, and Southwatch) serve as the capitals of duchies, presided over by dukes and duchesses (Duke Roikyn-Spiridos, Duke Anavis-Southwatch, and Duchess Alyess-Agripeine).

Agripeine deserves special mention, as it used to be its own nation, but was conquered by Falantir some 30 years ago. Some still live who remember the conflict, and desire to restore Agripeine’s independence. In the major cities of Falantir, the people of Agripeine are considered to be provincial, and the nobles of the other city-states look down on the so-called nobles from Agripeine as country folk not worthy of their titles.

Falantir maintains a good relationship with Aquinos to the east and Troilos to the north. It maintains an uneasy truce with Orzz to the northwest, mostly protected by the mountains along their shared border.


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