General Rules

We’ll be using standard 4th edition rules, with exceptions noted below.

Immersive Skill Checks

For skill checks, you tell me what you want to do and I’ll tell you what skill to roll. This encourages immersion much better. For example, you say “I try to convince the orc leader we come in peace”. rather than “I Diplomacize him.”, or “I scamper across the catwalk.” instead of “I make an Acrobatics check.”

Item Rules

My one major gripe with 4th Edition is how it handles items, so we’ll be using the following system, unless there are major objections:

  • Inherent Bonuses: We’ll be using inherent bonuses. Rules for these are detailed in Dark Sun, and you can check the inherent bonus box in the character builder.
  • Automatic +2/4/6 Item Bonuses to Damage OR Initiative: Everyone gets a +2 item bonus to damage rolls at level 5, +4 at level 15, and +6 at level 25. Alternatively, you can instead gain an item bonus to initiative. One or the other, but not both.
  • Homebrew Items with Properties: You’ll be finding cool rare items tailored to your characters’ backgrounds and stories. If you absolutely need some item property for mechanical reasons (particular damage type, Badge of the Berserker, etc.), let me know and that item will be integrated into the loot.
  • Magic Item Rarity: You can buy common magic items, just as in normal 4th Edition rules. You cannot buy uncommon or rare items, just as in normal 4th edition rules, although I may make exceptions for this if you discover some particularly fantastic location (such as an equivalent of Sigil or the City of Brass).

These item rules allow me to make it special when you find magic items. My setting is not ultra-low-magic or anything, but it’s ridiculous to assume that every monster you fight has “uncommon” magic items, etc., as 4th edition rather absurdly postulates. It should mean something when you acquire a useful item.

Daily Power Fix

  • Daily Powers become Chapter Powers: Frequently, in my games, you’re not in a dungeon, and you’ll be having one fight a day, etc. 4th edition can’t handle this scenario (it pretty much assumes days full of combats). Using this rule, the “day” doesn’t end until I say it ends, and you don’t gain the benefit of an extended rest until I allow it. Somewhat arbitrary, I know, but I’ve run games before where 1 fight a day was common, and it just got very stupid as parties blew through the encounter using all their dailies. (Even making the one fight a day ultra-challenging, it bogs down and becomes very slow when every player and monster is blowing multiple dailies).

General Rules

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