Races of Ealthiros

4e presents players with a staggering variety of playable races. Ealthiros is generally quite an inclusive world, similar to Eberron in that most races can find a home here. There are quite a few differences in the story of these races, though.

Playable Races

  • Human: Humans are by far the most common race in all of western Ealthiros in every kingdom except Yi Tuan and El-Anare. Even in Troilos, which has a great number of elves, and in Dekeiros, which has a large halfling population, humans still number at least 50%.
  • Elf and Eladrin: Elves are wood (or sea or desert) elves in Ealthiros, and eladrin are gray and high elves. Elves live in their own communities in Ealthiros (see Elven Communities and Pantheon of Troilos and the Elves). Elves are most common in the forest kingdom of Troilos, but they can also be found in other locations. Sea elves dwell near Giriphon, and desert elves roam The Al-Havra.
  • Dwarf: Like elves, dwarves also mostly inhabit their own communities in Ealthiros (see Dwarven Communities and Pantheon of the Dwarves for more information). Dwarves are very much the traditional underground mining race, mostly interested in their own concerns. Like elves, however, many dwarves can be found throughout the human lands as well.
  • Halfling: Halflings do not have their own communities and generally dwell where the humans do. The largest concentration of halflings is in the horse kingdom of Dekeiros, where halflings make up nearly 50% of the population. The halflings breed a special kind of small pony, while the humans focus on the larger wild horses. Halflings are much more like Eberron and Dark Sun (tribal plains culture) than they are like Bilbo and the Shire.
  • Dragonborn: Dragonborns, like halflings, can be found in many places, but they are most common in the kingdom of Garundel, where they make up nearly 50% of the population. Their culture in Ealthiros is similar to Asian feudal Japan. There is no Arkhosia in the Temblar setting, so dragonborns do not come from an ancient empire. Dragonborn are currently afflicted with the Dragon Pox, which could make for interesting roleplaying.
  • Gnome: Gnomes are actually quite common in my world, and can be found mostly in urban settings throughout the major human kingdoms. Much as in previous editions, they are clever and conniving.
  • Tiefling: Tieflings exist much as in the 4e PHB. They are rare, however, and will definitely suffer in social interactions from closed-minded villagers who see them as demons.
  • The Eberron Races: Changeling can fit in any setting. Kalashtar can come from Giriphon, a kingdom whose inhabitants display a strong talent for psionics. Shifters, like goblins and orcs, likely come from The Wild Lands. Warforged are a natural fit for the Temblar setting; instead of being created for the Last War, as in Eberron, they are left-over experiments from the Temblar which can make for interesting roleplaying possibilities.
  • Shardmind: Shardminds dwell in the canyons and ruined cities of El-Anare. Their backstory is pretty much completely different from 4e. The shardminds do not know their own origin, but it almost certainly has something to do with the Temblar. Most shardminds never leave El-Anare, and spend their lives exploring the ruins there searching for clues as to their past. Like warforgeds, shardminds who wander the human kingdoms will get looks and stares.
  • The Fey Races and Wilden: Again, these are somewhat rare in Ealthiros, but they can come from either the Feywild or Troilos.
  • The Shadowfell Races and Shadar-Kai: The Shadowfell exists in Ealthiros, just as the Feywild does. There is no specific kingdom where you would be more likely to find any of these. Shade, vryloka, revenant, and shadar-kai are all quite rare.
  • Genasi: Like the fey and shadow races, this elemental race is few in number. They can generally be found scattered throughout Ealthiros, but, unlike in 4e settings, they have no existing kingdoms. Again, being rare, genasi are likely to encounter social consequences.
  • Githzerai: Githzerai, like tieflings, can be found throughout the human kingdoms. They’re about as rare as tieflings and have no set society. Like tieflings, they may suffer minor social consequences from looking different.
  • Goliath: Goliaths dwell in the mountains of Ealthiros. Few dwell in the Shadow Peaks. A greater number can be found in the mountains north of Falantir and, most popular of all, in the Aglaia Mountains to the northeast that border the Wild Lands. Like dwarves, they occasionally venture into human society, and would get about as many stares as tieflings and githzerai.
  • Minotaur and other Monsters: Goblins, orcs, minotaurs, etc. are all quite common in The Wild Lands, which is dotted with kingdoms ruled by monstrous races. There will be dire social consequences for playing any of these in the civilized countries, but a player is welcome to play one if he or she is willing to accept this.
  • Drow: The drow dwell in the Underdark of Ealthiros. Although allowed like everything else, this is probably the worst choice of all available races for negative social consequences. Everyone, from humans to elves to halflings, knows of their evil treacherous nature.
  • Dark Sun Races: These simply don’t integrate well into the Ealthiros setting (sorry). If you are dead set on playing a mul, thri-kreen, or whatever, we can probably weave them into some sort of kingdom in The Al-Havra.

Other Races

  • The Temblar: The Temblar are a long-vanished technologically advanced race about which little to nothing is known.
  • Yuan-Ti: The Yuan-Ti live in the jungle nation of Yi Tuan. They are generally reclusive and do not allow outsiders into their realm.

Races of Ealthiros

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