The Temblar are a long-dead race renowned for their technological prowess. Throughout the world of Ealthiros can be found the ruins of many Temblar Cities, the primary characteristic of which is an immense White Tower in the heart of each city that radiates light and heat. Many modern settlements have been built atop the ruins of the Temblar Cities.

Temblar architects crafted their buildings out of an unknown metal that has proven impossible to duplicate or to penetrate. According to common knowledge, no one has ever set foot in any of the White Towers, nor has anyone ever managed to unlock even the lesser Temblar structures scattered across the continent.

About the Temblar themselves almost nothing is known. No art has ever been found showing what the Temblar looked like. No bodies or skeletons of the long-vanished progenitors have ever been recovered. Historians assume that the Temblar did not die out, but instead chose to depart this plane of existence; if something did slaughter them, it did so without leaving any trace.

Masters of gadgetry and devices, the Temblar created many powerful artifacts with a bewildering variety of functions. Although some of these artifacts are quite easy to use and therefore immensely valuable, many others require special training and knowledge in order to operate.

Stretching from The Shroud in the west to the Bay of Giriphon in the east, a gigantic wall known as The Chain crackles and hums with electricity. The Chain is the largest artificial structure in all of Ealthiros, and is presumed to be of Temblar construction. Nothing is known about its purpose.


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